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OHDELA is a Tuition-Free, Online Public School for Students in Grades K–12 in Ohio

OHDELA, an online public school in Ohio,  helps K-12 students all over Ohio thrive in their schoolwork and in life. At OHDELA, we empower students to be their best by enabling them to learn in ways that are right for them—at home, at their proper level, and at their own pace.

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The first foundational years of school are critical to helping your student achieve academic success as they move through life. Learning to read and mastering basic math and science concepts early helps to create excitement for lifelong learning. Learn more about virtual kindergarten here.

First Grade

In first grade, students learn math, language arts, social studies and more. Parents of first graders work closely with both their student and teachers to support their child's success. Learn more about 1st Grade here.

Second Grade

At OHDELA, we’ve put together second grade curriculum that not only prepares students academically, but also helps to set them up for lifelong success by teaching responsibility, self-motivation and organizational skills. Learn more here.

Third Grade

At OHDELA, we’ve developed curriculum for third grade that not only prepares them for higher grades, but also prepares them for the future by teaching them technology, time management and independent learning. Learn more about third grade with OHDELA here.

Fourth Grade

To keep students interested and learning, activities in fourth grade incorporate hands-on computer-based activities, journal work, worksheets and technology skills. Learn about the online fourth grade curriculum here.

Fifth Grade

The transition to upper elementary, grades 3-5, can be difficult. In third, fourth and fifth grades, students are introduced to testing and grading that can be a challenging. At OHDELA, we understand this, which is why we’ve designed lessons and activities that set students up for success, in their current grade and beyond. Read more here.

OHDELA Curriculum

At OHDELA, students will work through rigorous curriculum that follows the Ohio Learning Standards by participating in interactive online programs and live class sessions. Learn about the different grade levels' curriculum in these tabs.

Sixth Grade

In Sixth grade, student will learn to solve real-world and mathematical problems involving area, surface area and volume, study cellular and multicellular organisms and much more. Read about the curriculum here.

Seventh Grade

In seventh grade, students will learn ancient Greece to the first global age, learning how historic events are shaped by geographic, social, cultural, economic and political factors. Click here to view the full seventh grade curriculum.

Eighth Grade

In eighth grade, students will conduct short research projects to answer a question, analyze and solve linear equations, study the United States from 1492 to 1877 and much more. Learn more about our middle school curriculum here.

Ninth Grade

The OHDELA high school curriculum follows Ohio’s learning standards to ensure that our students are prepared for their educational journey after graduation. Read more about an online high school education here.

Tenth Grade

OHDELA high school students take part in critical thinking exercises, concept development and applied theory, all of which allows students to understand critical ideas and explore their interests. For more information to see if online high school would be beneficial for you or your student, click here.

Eleventh Grade

At OHDELA, we take pride in providing students with positive experiences, interactive environments and education customized to each student’s personal learning style. We do this with a mix of competency-based learning, individual attention and scheduling flexibility. Read more about how OHDELA provides it's students will a well rounded high school education here.

Twelveth Grade

No matter the student’s educational goal, whether graduation and work or further study in a community college, university or trade school, OHDELA online high school is dedicated to preparing him or her for future success. Learn more about earning your high school diploma online here.

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