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OHDELA Difference

Who does OHDELA help? You!

Our students are a large part of what makes OHDELA unique.  OHDELA students come from many different walks of life, with many different interests, yet each finds different things to love about online learning. Whether it’s the flexibility, the personalized curriculum or the comfort and security they feel from working from home, OHDELA has helped many students find educational success.  Find out more about the many kinds of students who thrive at OHDELA:

Advanced and Independent Students

Traditional students are often bound by the pace of the course set by the teacher geared toward the average students understanding level within the class.  While OHDELA’s coursework all has a minimum pace in order to ensure that students are learning a minimum amount of skills and content per academic year, an advanced student can work ahead as quickly as he or she likes so long as he is demonstrating mastery of all required content.  Read More about our individualized approach to curriculum today.

Bullied Students

One out of every four students reports being bullied during the school year.  For students who have experienced the intimidation or embarrassment of bullying, returning to traditional school can be difficult.  Online education with OHDELA provides a new approach to learning- one without the fear of bullies.  At home, the focus is on learning, but there is also ample opportunity for students to socialize and meet new friends in a supervised and safe environment through live classes, live help sessions, state testing days and OHDELA sponsored events. At OHDELA, we work to ensure our students feel safe and secure within our learning community.  Find out how today.

Special Education Students

At OHDELA, students who are on Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) are paired with Intervention Specialists who are dedicated to working with families to ensure the goals, objectives and accommodations of the IEP are met. Also, we work with students and families to ensure that appropriate course selections are made based on the IEP and student abilities.

Read more about how our individualized approach to education can help your IEP student today. 

Struggling Students

For many reasons, school can be a struggle for students. By eliminating the crazy schedules and classroom distractions, online learning provides an alternative for students who are struggling. At OHDELA, students are able to review live class recording archives and can access curriculum 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in combination with attending live classes and live help sessions.  These features, unique to OHDELA, allow them to stay on pace.

Learn more about the individualized curriculum we offer our students.

Students with Medical Conditions

Managing a student’s ongoing medical condition can be difficult, especially when attending a traditional school.  The stress of falling behind in classes due to illness or doctor’s appointments can be overwhelming.  Since OHDELA records all of its live classes, a student is able to catch up on what was covered in each live class at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  OHDELA’s live class recording archive allows students who need more flexibility the opportunity to log in and access content and recordings at any time of the day, any day of the week.  The ability to access curriculum and live recording archives at any time allows students the flexibility to work within their scheduling needs while ensuring they can stay on pace to complete courses in on time.  Find out more about the flexibility OHDELA provides students and families.

Traveling Students, Student Performers, Student Athletes

Whether your family travels for work or your student is involved in an activity that requires significant travel, OHDELA can meet your student’s educational needs. Even though your city or location changes, OHDELA offers its students a consistent education.

Learn more about the flexibility that comes standard with an OHDELA education.

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