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For each event, OHDELA will pay for admission for each enrolled OHDELA student and one adult per student.

OHDELA Family Days!

*“In consideration of my family being allowed to participate in the 2016 Family Day Events, I hereby assume all risks in connection with today’s event, and further release OHDELA, its staff and volunteers from all claims, judgment for any injury or damage that my family may have due to participation in today’s event, including risks connected therewith foreseen and unforeseen. I give WHDL of Ohio, LLC (“WHDL”), and its affiliates, permission to use my, and all persons listed above, photo, image or likeness for the purpose of promoting the Ohio Distance and Electronic learning Academy that WHDL manages. The permission and authorization to use my photo, image and likeness is voluntary and without consideration of any kind, and is a result of my support for OHDELA’s educational program.”

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