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Download the student enagement policy: Alternative Education Academy Student Engagement Policy

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In order for students in an online school to be successful it is necessary for them to be
continuously engaged in the education process. Regular completion of diagnostic assessments
is essential for the promotion of student development and instrumental to the development
and implementation of targeted instructional techniques. Moreover, regular live class
participation allows instructional staff additional insight into student development and affords
students another opportunity to ask questions and demonstrate academic growth. To that
end, the Board of Directors has adopted this Student Engagement Policy, effective February 1,
2017, and directs its operator to implement the policy.

Periodically, throughout the school year, the School implements NWEA MAP or other
diagnostic assessments to ascertain student ability and development and to target instruction.
Students shall be given the opportunity to complete such assessments within a reasonable
amount of time which is consistent with the purpose for administering the assessment.
Students are required to complete all diagnostic assessments. Students that fail, without
legitimate excuse, to complete any diagnostic assessment within the time prescribed by the
School shall be expelled for a period of 15 school days.

OHDELA’s curriculum is designed to provide flexibility to its students and the Board recognizes
that many of the School’s students appreciate the opportunity to earn credit and complete
assignments on their own time. However, students that participate in live class sessions on a
regular basis are typically more successful than students that do not. Each OHDELA student is
offered between 4-5 hours of live class every school day (“Live Class”). Live Class in the
subjects of Math, English, Science, and Social Studies is known as “Live Core Class”. Although
Live Classes are recorded and made available to students for review on their own time,
students are expected to attend Live Classes as they are provided in real time. The School
may require students to complete online remediation coursework or attend Live Help sessions
during teacher office hours to make up for missed Live Class. Failure to complete remediation
coursework or attend Live Help sessions as required by the School is grounds for expulsion.
The following disciplinary actions shall be taken in response to failure to attend Live Class:
Students that fail, without legitimate excuse, to attend at least 75% of the Live Core Class
offered in a given week shall receive a telephone call or email from the School on the next
school day reminding the student of their obligation to attend Live Class and inquiring as to
why the student failed to participate.
Students that fail, without legitimate excuse, to attend at least 75% of the Live Core Class
offered in two consecutive weeks shall be required to attend a personal telephone conference
with the Principal or Assistant Principal and the student’s parent/guardian concerning the
reason for the student’s failure to participate and steps that can be taken to facilitate
participation in the future. The telephone conference shall be held within 48 hours of the
School notifying the parent/guardian of the student’s failure to attend Live Class as set forth
above. Failure to participate in a mandatory telephone conference is grounds for expulsion.
Students that fail, without legitimate excuse, to attend at least 50% of the Live Core Class
offered during a semester shall not receive course credit or be considered for grade
Students that fail, without legitimate excuse, to attend at least 40% of the Live Core Class
offered in a calendar month shall be expelled for fifteen (15) school days.
In any week that a student is on pace with a particular course’s requirements and earning a “B”
average in that course, the student is exempt from that week’s Live Core Class participation
requirements associated with such course. For purposes of determining whether a student
completed the requisite percentage of Live Core Class hours outlined above, Live Core Class
hours offered with respect to a course in which a student is exempt during a week in which a
student is exempt shall not be considered.

Any student who fails, without legitimate excuse, to participate in state mandated testing shall
be expelled for a period of 80 school days. If there are fewer than 80 days remaining in the
school year, the expulsion shall extend into the following school year. Parents and students
are notified in advance of the schedule and location of required testing. Although, the School
undertakes to make testing facilities easily accessible to parents/students, it is the
parent/student’s obligation to provide transportation to testing facilities and a failure to attend
required testing will not be excused for transportation reasons except in extreme

Ohio law requires the Principal to follow through with expulsion proceedings when a student
has committed an act warranting expulsion under the School’s policies even if the student
withdraws from school prior to the hearing on the decision to impose the expulsion. OHDELA
is required to provide notice of the reasons for and the duration of any expulsion to the next
school that such a student seeks to enroll in.
When a student is expelled from school pursuant to this policy, the School shall cease to
provide learning opportunities to the student and the student shall be considered withdrawn as
of the effective date of the expulsion.

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