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OHDELA Difference

Students are unique and don’t always learn in the same way or find the same things interesting. At OHDELA, we recognize that. Our students are able to learn outside of the classroom in ways that make learning fun and memorable. Understanding the subject is what is important at OHDELA, and we know students can learn so much from the world around them.

In traditional schools, students spend most days in a classroom learning from books and lectures. With the flexibility of an OHDELA education, school is in session at a number of different places, including the zoo, music lessons, theater performances, museums, libraries and more. OHDELA families can join one of many OHDELA-planned education events, or plan their own to allow students to learn outside of their classroom setting.

Virtual education allows OHDELA students to learn with what interests them

Leaving the classroom and lesson plans to explore what interests your student can provide exciting educational benefits, including:

  • New experiences that allow students to try new things;
  • Hands-on learning at museums and zoos where students interact with what they are learning; and
  • Better comprehension of what they are learning by seeing and experiencing the subject.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach with an OHDELA education. Our students understand material in a whole new way when learning is personal to each individual student.

Discover more about life as an OHDELA student with our Day in the Life video.

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