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OHDELA Difference

Learning should be fun! Too often though, students become distracted or disengaged from their education experience.  Allowing students to learn in new and engaging ways can take a student from underperforming to being excited about school!

At OHDELA, students engage in their learning outside of the one size fits all approach offered in traditional academic settings. If you or your student think an OHDELA education will work for you, consider all the ways to customize your education with OHDELA.


Top 7 Ways to Personalize Your OHDELA Education

#1: Customized Options

OHDELA students engage in at least seven hours of meaningful learning opportunities during the day including live classes, live help sessions, self-directed assignments, research and project based work.  Students are expected to participate in the live class sessions, however there is flexibility in when the self-directed work is completed so long as students meet all course deadlines.  If a student has a commitment that conflicts with a scheduled live class time, such as a doctor’s appointment, there is always the opportunity to view the recorded live class session later in the day.  Students can also attend live help sessions to ask questions or get additional assistance as needed.  

#2: Learn With Other Students

One of the myths about online education is that students do not have an opportunity to engage with other students.  At OHDELA, our students have a variety of opportunities to make learning more social by attending live class and OHDELA sponsored events at museums, science centers and other places throughout OHIO.

#3: You Decide Where Your Student Learns

Does your student learn best in a quiet room?   Maybe your student your needs a little white noise to focus?   Do you and your family travel often for work or family obligations?   While OHDELA strongly recommends setting up consistent work habits and a designated space for learning, students can actually access their curriculum 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any location that offers a high speed internet connection.

#4: Break Up The Day

Students of all ages can benefit from taking regular short breaks throughout the day.  This allows your student to focus for a while, and then rest or reset for the next part of the day.  While students need to be engaging in a minimum of 7 hours of learning opportunities per school day, there is ample time between online classes and help sessions for short breaks.

#5: Virtual Library At your Fingertips

OHDELA offers its students access to a HUGE virtual library.  Students can access the library for pleasure reading, school assignments, and general research from anywhere at any time!

#6: Earn Credit While You Work!

Students can learn a lot from on the job experience and some skills can’t be taught in a classroom setting. High School students may be able to earn credit for going to work.

#7: MyChoice Token Rewards

OHDELA offers its students the opportunity to earn tokens for demonstrating academic achievement, increasing engagement, improving attendance, and achieving other academic and character education goals.  Students are each provided with an online token economy account and given a starting token balance and are able to earn additional tokens daily and throughout the school year .  Students are able to redeem their tokens from OHDELA’s online virtual token catalog and are free to select, with Guardian approval, what rewards best fit their needs and wants.  Examples of catalog redemption items are: art supply kits; headphones, and bookstore gift cards.  The choice for which reward is selected is left up to each student.  Once tokens are redeemed, the selected items will ship directly to the student’s home within a matter of days.  OHDELA will continuously update the rewards catalog with new and exciting options.


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