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Do you have questions about transitioning to OHDELA’s online, virtual school? We have the answers you’re looking for!

Answers to our most frequently asked questions are below, or you can call 888-878-4530 to speak with an enrollment specialist.

Who can attend OHDELA?

Any students residing in Ohio who are eligible to attend kindergarten through 12th grade and are between the ages of 5 and 21.

How do I enroll in OHDELA?

To start with the application process, click here. If you would like additional information on OHDELA, or have questions, you can contact our admissions department at 1-800-493-8680, Option 2.

How long is the enrollment process?

Shortly after you fill out the enrollment form, a member of our team will contact you to help you finish the paperwork. After all forms are completed we will order your computer and additional resources and determine the right curriculum selection for your student(s).  Our process is quick and easy so that our students can begin receiving the quality education they deserve.

How much does OHDELA cost?

OHDELA is 100 percent tuition free!

What do I receive when I enroll at OHDELA?

Besides a great education, you will receive all the resources and tools you need to set up the perfect learning environment for your student. Learn more about our virtual school and our student resources today.

Will OHDELA cover my Internet expenses?

Yes! OHDELA offers Internet connectivity reimbursement up to $35.00 per month.

What is a typical day like for an OHDELA student?

A typical day for an online student might include:

  • Live class session
  • Breakout group activity
  • Responding by a deadline to discussion questions posted by the teacher
  • Completing and sending (by a deadline) an assignment to be graded by the teacher
  • Completing an assignment by deadline in a work group comprised of four or five classmates

What does a student need to be successful?

In order to succeed, students need:

  • High speed internet
  • Parents logging their time
  • State testing
  • Quiet work/study area
  • Adult Guidance

Here is an example of a proper learning environment:

What is a MyChoice account?

MyChoice is an allocation of funds by the school for specific school supplies, events, or educational activities that are important to student development.  The amount of money in the funds is based on the number of years the student has been enrolled in OHDELA.  

  • 1st year enrolled:  $125 per student
  • 2nd year enrolled:  $325 per student
  • 3rd year enrolled:  $425 per student
  • 4th year enrolled and beyond:  $525 per student  

How do I use the MyChoice account?

For a step by step guide on using your MyChoice Account please view the following document: How To Use MyChoice.

What counts as a material or activity that I can be reimbursed for with MyChoice?

You can use your MyChoice account to pay for anything deemed important to the student’s academic development. Examples include:

  • Sports leagues
  • Dance classes
  • Art supplies
  • Music lessons
  • Much more!

How can I get in contact with other OHDELA parents in my area?

Parents and students are connecting on the OHDELA Facebook and Twitter pages everyday. Like our Facebook page and join the conversation or follow us at twitter.com/OHDELAschool. We also have community groups forming throughout the state who engage in activities for the whole family including events hosted by OHDELA!

Can I play sports while enrolled at OHDELA?

Yes. You can still participate in sports even though you are enrolled in an online school! OHDELA's MyChoice Program provides an opportunity for reimbursement for your supplemental expenses. Read more about the MyChoice Program here.

What events can I attend to meet other students?

We provide and direct our parents and students to specific events throughout the year to allow the opportunity for our parents and students to not only meet each other but their teachers and staff as well. While information is provided in OHDELA virtual forums we actively post information about all of our upcoming events on the OHDELA Facebook and Twitter pages.

Where can I get a copy of the parent/student handbook?

You should have received one when you enrolled. If you didn't you can download a copy here.

Still have questions about OHDELA that we didn't answer? Contact us or give us a call at 888-878-4530 today.

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