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OHDELA Difference

Where every child is in the front row!

When your child signs up for school with OHDELA, all the tools he/she needs to learn are right at your family’s fingertips. Just sign in to the OHDELA web portal, and you’re off! You can access live class and live help with one-on-one teacher time, learning materials, classwork, and up-to-date information on grades and progress. OHDELA even provides all the key hardware and support your family needs to get online and learning – visit our student resources page for more details.

What’s a typical day really like for an OHDELA student versus a child in a traditional school? Check out the video below for an in-depth look at the OHDELA daily difference.

Live Class

Live class sessions are some of the most important parts of a productive OHDELA day. In each session, your child will interact with our Highly Qualified Teachers and other OHDELA students in all core subjects.

Sessions are short on purpose – often around 20 or 30 minutes – but this valuable time lets children work with teachers without distractions.

What does a live class session look like on your child’s screen? Check out our demos!

Watch a Demo: Grade School Math

Watch a Demo: High School Math

As you’ll see in the demos above, the interface format changes based on what the teacher wants to show – like interactive activities. OHDELA teachers take advantage of great materials from sites like National Geographic Kids and Khan Academy to keep learning varied and fun. They can also use tools, like polls, to help engage students who shy away from individual participation.

Raising your hand is easy too – just press a button to ask or answer a question.

Miss a live session and need to catch up? Your child can always view past sessions because they are recorded, saved and accessible online.

Virtual Library

The OHDELA learning portal isn’t just for live class sessions. Students have access to many learning tools outside of class, including a library of more than 2,000 titles that students can “check out” in audio, e-book and read-along formats.

Looking for the perfect next book to read? Students can find reading on their own with picks based on the most recent tests for their reading level.

Tools for Parents

While the virtual classroom may seem like it takes center stage at OHDELA, nothing is more important than YOUR help as a parent.

That’s why the portal gives parents instant access to classwork, important information, events, teacher contact details and ways to get involved.

Both students and parents can also easily get immediate grade feedback to keep up with how a student is progressing in the Performance Dashboard.

Want to learn more about how the OHDELA school day fits in to your family’s daily life? Contact us to learn more about how we're building the OHDELA world to meet your student's needs.

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