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Parent Success

Enrolling your child in OHDELA is a big decision, even if it is the right choice for both the child and your family. As a parent, the amount of your involvement in the school day can vary from day to day and even year to year, but you continue to remain an important part of his or her school experience. You may be asking yourself how you can help your student with schoolwork and be a successful OHDELA parent. Well, the answer is easy -- be involved and supportive.

There are three elements essential to successful online school parents. By working each of these into your daily school routine, you and your student will be well on your way to success.

Daily Student Support

Keeping your student on-task, focused and involved in their schoolwork requires daily support. From helping them get signed in and situated at their workspace to ensuring that assignments and homework are completed, your student will look to you to be his or her constant support system throughout the online school process. By offering daily support to your student, you are involved in his or her assignments and can help with any problems along the way.


Preparation for the school day is essential. OHDELA asks the parent to help the student prepare for the tasks of the day, especially in the elementary school level. Whether the day includes a test in one subject and a group project in another or a reading assignment and a live class session, preparation can help you breeze through the day without missing a thing. Together, the teacher-parent team can help a student be more successful.

Ongoing Involvement

Our OHDELA parents are involved every step of the way throughout their student’s education. Checking in with teachers, staying up-to-date with OHDELA news and planning extracurricular trips or activities to supplement the curriculum are great ways to stay continuously involved in your student's schoolwork.

Learn More about the OHDELA Difference

For students and families in Ohio, enrolling in online school with OHDELA can make all the difference and can start your student off on the path toward success. Learn more about a day in the life of an OHDELA student today and “Like” us on Facebook to stay up-to-date with the latest information about online school, OHDELA events and more.

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