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OHDELA Difference

An education should fit the student, not the other way around.

The most important thing about your child’s school is that it helps them learn and thrive. When schedules, distractions and life make learning difficult, it may be time to consider your school options. Families and students are all different, but an online education from OHDELA can fit your lifestyle in a number of ways.

The top 10 ways an OHDELA education is right for your family

#1: Your child needs extra time

No two students learn at the same pace or in the same way for every subject. So why do most schools teach that way? At OHDELA, we use the competency-based learning model where students complete a course and move forward at their pace, not the pace of a class. Your child can take extra time to understand an assignment or listen to a class more than once if that is what is needed. 

#2: Your child is getting bored

Students who excel in a subject don’t want to slow down. At OHDELA they don’t have to. Students can work ahead in classes when they are able and can even finish courses ahead of schedule with OHDELA and our competency-based learning education.

#3: Advanced technology helps your child focus

Is your student engaged by technological advances? Do they excel in a tech-focused environment? An online education uses technology in ways traditional schools don’t. Attending OHDELA may open your child up to a whole new love of learning.

#4: Current classrooms are too distracting

Some students have trouble focusing in large classes, often because the interruptions and noise of most traditional schools can make learning more challenging than it should be. Online schools take out the distractions of a typical classroom, allowing your student to focus on the material they need to learn.

#5: Extracurricular activities don’t work with traditional school schedules

Your child shouldn’t have to choose between their love of music or a sport, and their education. For students who participate in competitive athletics, or travel for lessons and competitions, a traditional school model can be a constraint. With OHDELA, the school goes with them. OHDELA is 100 percent online, so wherever there is an internet connection, school is in session

#6:  Students spend time with family in different cities throughout the school year

Keeping up with school can be hard when students have family obligations in different cities or states. When school is online, your child can take the classroom anywhere. An OHDELA school day is six hours of course work, but those hours can be completed wherever and whenever the student is focused and engaged in learning. 

#7: You want to be actively involved in your child’s education

You want to know what and how your child is learning. Parents are encouraged to be involved in an OHDELA education, probably more than a traditional school. For elementary-aged students, parents may need to help their child during their coursework as they learn to use the online classroom. At any age, parents are ensuring students complete assignments, stay on task and engage with teachers as needed.

#8: It is important that negative influences aren’t part of school

At OHDELA, the curriculum is the focus, not the social pressures that come with many traditional schools. Our faculty and staff have zero tolerance for bullying and strive to make school a positive and accepting environment for learning. 

#9: Traditional school hours and family or personal obligations conflict

When students have to work, care for family members, go to medical appointments or have other responsibilities, attending traditional school is challenging, if not impossible. With an online education, your six-hour school day is flexible to meet your needs. Your student can go to school in the early morning, take a long break until the afternoon, or start school after other obligations are done.  

#10: Your child isn’t thriving in their current school

If your child is falling behind, not engaged in the courses, or you are concerned their current school may not be the best fit, you have other options. With an OHDELA online education, students learn where, when and how they are best able to succeed. 

If you have questions about any part of an online education or the virtual OHDELA classroom, we’d love to answer them. Contact us today or call 888-878-4530 to speak with one of our enrollment specialists.

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