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OHDELA Difference

When a school and curriculum work with students and families, everyone wins. Whether the traditional school is failing your student because the pace is too fast or too slow, distractions make learning difficult, or outside obligations conflict, your child deserves an environment where he or she will thrive.  

Every OHDELA school day consists of at least seven hours of meaningful education and classwork, but when and where that takes place is up to you! Having an online, flexible, 24/7 school is a benefit for many families for a variety of reasons. 

Class at Your Convenience  

Is your child a night-owl or does he or she have obligations in the morning? OHDELA is ready when they he or she is. Perhaps doctor’s appointments or travel to a family member’s house disrupts the afternoon. An OHDELA student can pick up right where he or she left off. 

See what a personalized school day schedule can look like.

Class sessions can be attended live with classmates while the teacher is instructing, or students can take advantage of the recorded sessions and view the class later in the day. With this option, your student never misses a thing. 

Extra Support is Always Available

Teachers are just a click away and ready to help you when needed. Students can schedule one-on-one meetings with teachers, message them with questions or schedule group tutoring sessions. 

Advanced Learners Can Move Ahead

OHDELA’s personalized learning model allows students who typically work ahead of their peers to move ahead of the class with the support of the teacher.

School for Your Life

At OHDELA, it doesn’t matter if you need more time to understand a subject, want to advance quickly through a class, need classes offered later in the day, or have to attend a school that comes with you to different cities, states or even countries. Your school day is built around your needs because OHDELA knows students are individuals and need to learn when, where and how they will be most successful. 

Interested in a flexible education for your student? Give our enrollment specialists a call today at (888) 878-4530 or start the OHDELA enrollment process online!

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