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OHDELA Difference

Each OHDELA School Day is Created Around the Individual Student

At OHDELA, the typical school day can be anything but typical. With OHDELA’s virtual classroom, each family can design their school day to fit their needs, schedules and obligations.

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Typical OHDELA Online School Day Infographic

A New Kind of School Day

At OHDELA, each school day is structured by the student and his/her family to accommodate the schedule that helps the student learn best. Whether it’s math class in the morning and reading in the afternoon, an early start or a long break in the middle, the OHDELA school day is what you make it.

Compared to the traditional school day, OHDELA students and families find that their time is much more productive and well-spent. There is no waiting in line at pick-up and drop-off, no waiting for a bus to school, and no time spent stressfully rushing around to get everyone everywhere on time. OHDELA students and families can follow the recommended schedule or set their own school hours, so students learn when and where they will be most successful.

Does your student learn better when he/she can focus intently on one subject for hours at a time? At OHDELA, your student can spend a whole day on one subject – math class on Mondays, science on Tuesdays, social studies on Fridays. On the other hand, if your student performs better after taking several breaks throughout the day, that’s okay too. You can structure the day around however the student learns best and still meet weekly goals set by the teacher.

Some students love to get work done early, while others focus better in the afternoon. At OHDELA, you can structure the day around whatever option works best. School days can start at 5 a.m. and be over by noon. For students who have a difficult time focusing in the afternoon, school days can be split in half with a long break in the middle. The schedule has flexibility for you and your student.

Not only is the OHDELA school day unique for what it has, it also stands out for what it doesn’t have – the distractions common in traditional classrooms, like bullying, social pressures and negative influences. In a virtual classroom, every seat is like being in the front row. Students don’t need to be afraid to ask questions because of peer pressure or competitiveness. And with class content available 24/7, they can spend extra time as needed on assignments to ensure they understand the lesson. Student who catch on more quickly can move ahead when they are ready. The goal of an OHDELA school day is comprehension, not a timeline based on a bell or someone’s preplanned schedule.

Whether your student is starting Kindergarten or looking for an alternative to finish out high school, OHDELA offers an education option that can meet the student's needs. Get started today by filling out a form that will help us provide you with more information. Questions? Call 888-878-4530 to speak with an enrollment specialist today.

A Day in the Life of an OHDELA Student

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