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OHDELA Difference

Your student puts in the hard work. We give them the resources to make all that hard work worth it.

A great school experience is about a whole lot more than showing up for class. Parents, teachers and the school itself have to make sure that students have everything they need to be successful in the classroom. OHDELA focuses on doing more than the average school to make sure that the resources students truly need are never out of reach.

Here are just a few of the resources that every OHDELA family uses to make the most of each school year:

  • Free Google Chromebook for Schoolwork: Chromebooks are easy-to-use, simple laptops that are perfect for students. Providing a Chromebook to all students ensures that they have the necessary hardware and software to be able to complete assignments and take part in online activities.
  • Internet Reimbursement: All students need a working high-speed internet connection in the home in order to participate in courses and access school materials. Your family may qualify to get reimbursement toward your internet bill so that access to coursework isn’t a problem.
  • Technical Support: Having trouble with your computer, internet or course software? Our dedicated technical support team is available every school day and just one phone call away. You can also file a support ticket online for less urgent requests. To reach OHDELA support, call us at (800) 493-8680.
  • E-Curriculum Partnerships: Resources like Khan Academy make it easier to find the highest quality learning materials on the internet. OHDELA works with Khan Academy, IXL, iRead, Learning A-Z, National Geographic Kids and more to add richness to programs in and out of class time.
  • E-Library: Access thousands of books for every reading level and get customized book recommendations based on progress in OHDELA courses. It’s like having a complete, access-anything library wherever you go!
  • MyChoice: OHDELA offers its students the opportunity to earn tokens for demonstrating academic achievement, increasing engagement, improving attendance, and achieving other academic and character education goals. Students are each provided with an online token economy account and given a starting token balance. Students earn additional tokens and are able to redeem their tokens from OHDELA’s virtual token catalog.  Students are able to choose what rewards best fit their needs and wants. Examples of catalog redemption options are art supply kits, headphones, and book store gift cards. The choice for which reward is selected is left up to each student.  Once tokens are redeemed, the selected items will ship directly to the student’s home within a matter of days.  OHDELA will continually update the rewards catalog with new and exciting options, so remember to work hard and keep earning those tokens!

Let’s talk about how OHDELA can make your student’s school life more fulfilling! Call an advisor at (888) 878-4530 to learn more or begin the registration process.  

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