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OHDELA Difference

Students from all walks of life have a home at OHDELA.

OHDELA is an all-inclusive education option where no child’s needs are unattainable. While all of our students have unique interests and talents, they all have one thing in common – they are all learners. No matter their lifestyle, each has the opportunity to learn in a bully-free, distraction-free environment while receiving individual attention.

Where a traditional school’s curriculum and classroom setting is not built for students who are advanced or for those who need a little extra help, OHDELA’s personalized learning environment accommodates both situations. Our staff and faculty members form relationships with their students to ensure that they are receiving all of the resources and help in the classroom they need to be successful. Students are also able to choose class schedules to fit their ways of life. Students are required to have seven hours of meaningful classroom time in a day which may include attending live sessions or having the option to watch class recordings if they cannot attend the live sessions. Students are able to take breaks and self-paced work may be done at any time of the day.

Many of the students experiencing the OHDELA difference include:

  • Athletes
  • Students with medical conditions
  • Farmers
  • Students with Individualized Education Programs
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Independent students
  • Musicians
  • Advanced Students

Find out more about how OHDELA can help your student and the resources and opportunities available to them through OHDELA.  

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