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OHDELA Difference

Choose an alternative education option and give your student an education that forms around them.

Students who enroll in OHDELA's free, online, public charter school receive the support and tools they need to succeed. An education with OHDELA is more than what is offered at a traditional school. Your student's school experience will be much different than it would be at a traditional school. Every OHDELA student gets a front row seat in his/her online virtual classroom and access to a quality education that sets a solid foundation for a successful academic future.

Why Virtual Schooling?

If you are looking for a virtual school in Ohio, check out OHDELA. Our virtual academy features interactive software and live class sessions which provide our students with memorable experiences and collaborative environments that ensure they are able to reach their true potential in the comfort of their own home. Our program is not just about learning; it's about growing and succeeding both academically and personally. For children who are growing in a technilogical era, virtual schooling is not a hard adaptation. Virtual learning is a positive alternative to public schools for advanced, or restricted learners who are self-motivated to learn and succeed.

We know that every child is unique with different learning styles, talents and interests. When your student is part of the OHDELA online school, the school day and curriculum are individualized for his/her educational and personal success. OHDELA is a safe, distraction-free learning environment where every kind of student can thrive.

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