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This will be my fifth year teaching in a different environments! I earned a B.S. in Secondary Education with an emphasis in English, a B.A. in English Liberal Arts, and a Minor in Educational Technology from Bloomsburg University. Currently, I am pursuing a Master’s in Education Learning, Design, and Technology.from Penn State University.
Licenses held are English 7-12 (Ohio), English 7-12 (Pennsylvania), Math 7-9 (Pennsylvania), English 7-9 (Pennsylvania), Social Studies 7-9 (Pennsylvania), and Science 7-9 (Pennsylvania).
I have an amazing husband! We were high school sweethearts of nearly 11 and a half years, and have been married since July 18, 2014. Together, we have two awesome Goldendoodle puppies that just turned one. They keep us very busy.
Reading, traveling, teaching, and hanging out with my pups are my hobbies.
For movies, I love anything Disney! I love all the classics, with my top two being The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast. Pixar movies are the best!! My husband and I have a Shrek marathon at least once a year, I also love Finding Nemo, Inside Out, Up!, and Gnomeo and Juliet! Other top movies would be Grease, Pride and Prejudice, and The Great Gatsby.

For favorite books and authors, I enjoy The Great Gatsby, Romeo and Juliet, 1894, The Giver, Othello, Wuthering Heights, Brave New World, The" Lord of the Rings" Books, The "Harry Potter" Books, The "Divergent" Books, Stephanie Meyer, Things Fall Apart, The Hunger Games, Maus, The Lunar Chronicles, The "Uglie" Series, Feed, Crime and Punishment, The Brothers Karamazov, The Iliad, Speak, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Beloved, The "Wheels of Time" Series, Dr. Seuss, Beatrix Potter...the list goes on and on!

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