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Our Academic Program

OHDELA teachers are devoted to helping your child succeed and prepare for a successful academic future.

OHDELA teachers believe that each student deserves a learning experience tailored to his/her personal learning style and needs as well as the resources needed to excel. They work to build a relationship with each student and to partner with parents, who play a guided and active role in the educational process.

OHDELA faculty and staff believe in their students.

Every OHDELA student is matched with an academic advisor who monitors attendance and academic progress while establishing goals with both student and parents. They will also assist with post-graduation planning. During the school year, students participate in live class sessions taught by our highly qualified, state-licensed teachers, who make it a top priority to identify each student’s learning style. After recognizing individual student strengths and weaknesses, OHDELA teachers work to equip students with resources unique to their needs.

Our teachers and staff members also work directly with families and students who have Individual Education Plans (IEPs). OHDELA’s Intervention Specialists work with families to ensure that the goals, objectives, and accommodations of IEPs are met and appropriate course selections are made.

OHDELA teachers partner with OHDELA parents.

In the OHDELA virtual learning environment, it is essential for parents to be present in their student’s daily routine, assisting with reviewing their child’s work, helping them set and reach goals and ensuring that their student is adequately communicating with the teacher. One of the perks of having your child at home is that parents have control over the materials to which their child is exposed; however a challenge of traditional homeschooling is that parents are left to navigate learning standards and lesson plans without guidance. At OHDELA, our teachers partner with parents, giving them the control they want over their child's education while leading them through the state educational requirements. Our teachers provide each student’s parents with teaching tips they can use to help guide their children through schoolwork subjects, questions and assignments and maintain communication with families throughout their student’s time at OHDELA.

If you would like to learn more about how our expert faculty and staff members can give your child a solid academic foundation for a successful academic future, call OHDELA at (888) 878-4530 or contact us online today.  

Meet Our Dedicated Teachers

Elementary School

Miranda Brooks

We will all work together to have each student gain a love for learning.

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Constance Fraley

Be on time with an open mind, and be ready to learn! :)

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Kayla Gordon

I will focus on making sure each child feels important and will show growth in all subject areas.

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Kristin Kauker

First grade is fun because it's where we learn to read. Phonics is a huge part of being a successful reader. We learn how letters work together to make the sounds we hear and see in words. Daily reading and word work is the key to success in first grade!

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Tonya Schuler-Sewell

Students will be successful by using the Calvert Curriculum. Learning will be facilitated by the parents, with the full support of OHDELA.

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Middle School

Jennifer Dewald

My students are most successful when they are engaged and asking questions. I work very hard to help my students understand what is being asked in the assignment and how to write an appropriate response. I love to see when my students feel successful and when they are proud of themselves.

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Kelly Fuhrmann

Having been an online student during my certification program, I know what it's like to be on "the other side." Online learning is different from traditional school settings. It takes initiative on the part of the teachers AND the students to create a culture of success. Two-way communication is key and students must take responsibility for their learning. Questions must be asked and discussion must take place. We grow from our questioning.

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Abbi Grau

Students with a positive attitude and willingness to work hard will be successful in my class.

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Goran Kozjak

As Abraham Lincoln stated, "Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other." In order to achieve success, students should: * Attend Live Class * Check Announcements and Course Mail * Complete Independent Work and Projects * Check in with Live Help

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Kitt Kurtz

Students will receive individualized instruction and one-on-one assistance any time they need this support in accomplishing the course goals and objectives. Students can challenge themselves to increase their writing skills with the option to revise any writing assignment for higher scores by tapping in to the comments feature in Google docs. Students are encouraged to engage in creative ways to build a repertoire of skills that will serve them well in their 8th grade course work, in high school, and future endeavors - college or career.

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Kris Lisk

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Brittany Martin

Students will be successful in my class by engaging in daily lessons and being a part of the teaching. I show my students how to direct their own learning, and encourage meaningful discussions with their peers during class. I also offer individualized learning styles to my students to ensure that all learners are engaging with a style that suits their needs.

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Shawn Martin

Students will be successful in my classes by coming to the "live" Adobe classes each day and by keeping the lines of communication open with me (class, email, phone). Not only will students get to see my goofiness in action each day but you'll have fun, learn, and develop friendships along the way. There are no dumb questions from students or parents, although I give plenty of dumb answers!

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Courtney Nabb

Students will be successful in my class by attending and participating in live sessions, staying on top of the daily assignments, taking notes during the readings and videos, using their notes while taking the quizzes and tests, asking for help in help sessions, and communicating with me.

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Julie Norman

Students will be successful in my class by attending the live sessions and completing the assessments. I always recommend taking good notes and asking for help when needed. And the good old saying is true....."Practice makes perfect!"

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Daniel Rose

Students will be successful through perseverance and effort. Maintaining consistent attendance, asking questions and staying on top of their work will also contribute to student success. Additionally, students will be successful by taking notes or screenshots in class and keeping their materials organized.

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High School

Maura Buckalew

Coming to Live Class is the key to success in English 3B. We do many assignments together in class, and I try to make them fun and exciting. Staying on pace with the class is an easy way to eliminate the stress that comes with always trying to play catchup.

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Billie Chesser

Manage time wisely, and create and stick to meaningful schedules! A successful student knows how to love learning and make the most out of the time in the classroom.

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Chelsea Ciptak

Students will be successful in my class because they will be given opportunities to express themselves and have their opinions heard. Their creativity will be appreciated. They will be treated as a respected individual and not just a number.

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Kristina Cordova

I try to bring my love of my content and learning new things to my classroom, and I hope to share that with my students. I offer opportunities for my students to direct their learning by choosing projects and assignments that fit their learning styles best. I ask that my students try their best and communicate their needs so I know how to help them.

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Lori Davis

Attending live class is probably the number one way that students can be successful in my class. We read and complete the daily lessons together in class. Students can ask questions and benefit from the knowledge of their peers. Students will be successful in my class by keeping in contact with me. I can usually help with many issues that arise.

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Brooke Eberwine

Students will be successful in Geometry by attending live class, completing lessons, and attending the live help sessions when needed.

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Steven Fiebig

I care about students' success and education.

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Steven Frecka

Successful students participate in live classes and stay in contact with me if they need help in the class. They also work in the class daily. Almost no students are successful trying to complete my class in just a few weeks.

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Leena Malik

My advice to students is always make sure that you are keeping up with your homework and get help right away when you struggle. That is the key to being successful!

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Ben McRill

Students will be successful in my class by: 1. Setting aside a regular daily time to work on the course work in my class. This will help students to effectively manage their time for not only my class, but also the rest of their courses. 2. Reading the Pacing Guide for the class and referring to it often to see what should be worked on each day/week and what assignments/assessments are due each week. 3. Being proactive in seeking help and asking questions. 4. Engaging and actively participating as much as possible with the teacher and other students, whether that be attending the Live Classes, making email/phone calls, or participating in Discussion Board activities.

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Tara Michels

Students will be successful in my class if they turn in their assignments and attend live classes daily.

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Madison Milligan

Students will find success in 10th grade English by practicing their analytical skills with writing and asking questions! I am always happy to work with students and I love to hear critical thinking skills at work.

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Diana Newlon

My music classes are not difficult for students. If they come to live class and complete their assignments, they will be successful. I am always willing to help students understand where they went wrong on an assignment, so they may try again and improve their scores.

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Mike Pratt

Students must take advantage of the opportunity to be successful in my class - I only provide the environment. Attending live class consistently is 75% of the work, because we complete much of what is assigned during class (or time is given to at least start those assignments). What little work is left to do in a student's own time is very minimal. I am very flexible and easy to work with when it comes to assignments, because it is the student's demonstated comprehension of the material that is most important to me.

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Megan Riggers

For students to be in successful with my class they need to try their best, follow the directions, ask questions, and come to help sessions if they need extra help! I always work with my students and do my best to fit any help sessions into their busy schedules! If they do all of the above, they'll do just fine in any of my classes!

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Kristen Swiner

I work with students in small groups and individually to make sure to provide any kind of remediation necessary to bring them to their full potential. I love having students work on the Adobe Connect screen to make learning as student-centered as possible.

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Lindsay Valentine

Students can be successful in my class by consistently working in the class and presenting any questions to me for help.

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Priscilla Wan

Students are successful in my class when they perceive the beauty in science. Humans are hardwired to respond to beauty. From the prettiness of a celebrity to the majesty of a sunset, we can't help but be drawn in. There are aspects of each science topic that individuals can unravele and find fascinating. From the mysterious way that human life is formed in the womb to the complexities of how a flower draws energy from the sun, science is jam packed with beauty to behold. When students in my class study into the beauty of Science, learning facts no longer is the end goal. Instead, academic practices become tools to uncover hidden beauty. Successful students don't just memorize - they marvel.

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