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Our Academic Program

An OHDELA education is for every type of student.

Giving your student an OHDELA education means giving your student a unique learning experience that sets a solid foundation for academic success throughout every phase of learning from Kindergarten to graduating High School. At OHDELA, students will work through rigorous curriculum that follows the Ohio Learning Standards by participating in interactive online programs and live class sessions. Continuing in an online k-12 structure not only gives students a high quality education, but also teaches them time management, organizational, social and technology skills. 

OHDELA teachers make it their top priority to partner with parents to ensure that they are getting exactly what they want out of their student’s education and students are getting exactly what they need. Throughout each grade level, we work with both parents and students to help define and redefine their role in the at-home classroom.

Year to year, as students progress through grade levels, curriculum gets appropriately faster and more challenging. At OHDELA, students can advance through material they understand quickly and take a little more time on topics that are more difficult. With this alternative education structure, opposed to public in-class schools, allows students at every level to learn at their own pace as to ensure the understanding of all subject matter at every level. Our teachers get to know their students and, by identifying their strengths and weaknesses, equip them with the tools they need to succeed.

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